"Solidarity means helping your neighbour to carry the weight of life and making it easier." H-F Amiel

Crocus-Tifaout is a non-profit association whose goal is to support projects of development in North Africa, collaborating with local partners. We are based in Switzerland and our passion for North Africa was born through various trips and experiences there.

On Site Representative

Our Swiss representative has been living in North Africa for 10 years.

Expert Advice

We exclusively work in collaboration with trusted and tested local associations.

Concrete Results

We know the name of every single person who benefits from our projects. Lives are changed.

We are currently involved in 5 different projects, including midwifery in a town of Southern Morocco, two educational projects (more than 250 children are benefiting from them), and we are now exploring how we could also partner with a unique association offering apprenticeships to disabled adults in the South of Morocco. Check it out, none of it could happen without your generous support!