Deaf Children


Activities with Deaf Children in Achourouk

Association Achourouk

The Achourouk association for deaf children has been active in Ourzazate for nearly 20 years. They are providing adapted education for deaf children following the normal curriculum of the Moroccan school system. There are now 5 classes for a total of about 50 children. Given the fact that Achourouk is the only association offering this kind of program in the whole South of Morocco, many students are coming from areas which are situated more than 100 kilometers away. These children have the opportunity to attend school thanks to the existence of boarding premises. Thirty children now live there. Additionnally, Achourouk also owns a modern centre for auditive tests. Most local hospitals and doctors send their patients there in order to undergo investigations.

How to collaborate?

Looking for new projects, a member of the board of Crocus-Tifaout had the privilege to visit the premises and activities of the Achourouk association. Convinced by the quality of their work, Crocus-Tifaout then decided to evaluate what the best way could be to collaborate with Achourouk. Hence, a deaf interpreter for the BBC went on site in order to dialogue with the leadership of the association, with the deaf students and with adults from the deaf community in Ouarzazate. After all this, it was decided that our goal should be to bring some joy within the boarding school through twice weekly sessions of fun and games.

Other activities

We've been running these playtime sessions with great success since April 2016. Meanwhile, we've also held a football championship with professional coaches from Northern Ireland, organised a week of drama, another one of basketball and even one for arts and crafts. Additionally, we've also purchased a ping pong table. It's a joy to see all these children growing in their ability to engage in such diverse activities! 

We are very much looking forward to organising more of these exciting activities with our deaf Northern-Irish friends once COVID will be behind us!