COVID-19 Food Parcels


Emergency Food Parcels

Forced confinement for people who live day to day...

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a reality in Morocco since the start of March 2020, when first cases were identified in the North of the country. A forced confinement was put in place from the 20th of March, and it was forbidden for people to go out without a written permission from the authorities until mid-June. This has been a huge problem for the many families relying on bread-winners usually paid at the end of a day's work. The effects are long lasting, and thus many have been struggling to put enough food on the table.

At the start of the pandemic, the director of Amnougar asked us if we could set up a project of emergency food parcels for vulnerable families. Thanks to your generosity, a pilot project of 100 parcels was launched on the 27th of March. Here is a summary of what happened since then. Please have a look at our latest update!

UPDATE April 13, 2020: Since the pilot project went really well, a second phase was launched, and we were able to prepare and distribute an additional 300 parcels! See photos below. We are now collaborating with all of our partnering local associations: Achourouk, Tichka, Chems and Oxygene.

UPDATE May 4, 2020: The second phase is still going, and we are now close to reaching 1000 parcels. As we're expecting the lockdown to continue until May 20, you can still contribute to the project. Thank you so much to all the donors for their incredible generosity!

UPDATE May 19, 2020: We just heard from the authorities that the forced confinement would be extended for three weeks. We had planned to stop our initiative tomorrow, having reached 1386 parcels to date. In light of the prolongation of the lockdown, we'd like to extend the project until deconfinement. Will you help us to provide another 300 parcels to the most vulnerable individuals and families around us? Thank you for your renewed support and trust.

UPDATE June 15, 2020: Morocco has now started its deconfinement. As a result, we've decided to put this initiative on pause, having distributed a staggering 1700 parcels. What a privilege it has been to partner with all of you on this project. Your solidarity and generosity has been massively encouraging. We will continue do distribute food on a much smaller scale, through the work of the midwives in Ouarzazate (for single or otherwise especially vulnerable mums).

UPDATE December 22, 2020: We have heard in the last few days that the Nomads around the mobile schools are especially struggling for food (around 150 families). There is very little demand for the meat of their goats (effects from COVID), they are still suffering from the drought, and now temperatures are around 0°C. Tough life. We are now setting up a little Christmas/New Year food fund in order to help them. Thank you for your generosity!

UPDATE July 2, 2021: We were able to provide basic food for the 150 families of Nomads: oil, flour, sugar and tea (this was their "shopping list"!). Over the last few months (January-June), we've been able to purchase about 200 food parcels for vulnerable families (mostly single mothers or widows) in our town. Again, many thanks to all of you who gave so generously.

UPDATE December 2021: Two very generous donations allowed us to give three months worth of food to 20 extended nomadic families in the Saghro/Midelt areas, through our collaboration with the local association Chems. The drought is having devastating effects. We are delighted for this opportunity to help practically, in addition to our support to provide access to education. Additionally, we gave around 250 parcels in the Ouarzazate area throughout December. Thanks to these amazing supporters!

What is in the parcels?

Each parcel contains the following:

1 big block of sugar
2 boxes of tea 
1 litre of vegetable oil
5kg of white flour
5kg of pasta
1kg of dried lentils
1kg of dried white beans 
1kg of dried broad beans
1kn of dried chickpeas 
1 litre of olive oil 
1 box of powdered milk 
1kg of couscous
1 box of 24 cheese triangles

Each such parcel comes up to €33.-

Our guaranties about the process

We have lived in Morocco for more than a decade. Thus, we understand the real needs and know the right people who can ensure the success of this project (authorities, shopkeepers, and the director of Amnougar). We

are putting together a list of all the most vulnerable people we (and our contacts) know. This includes many widows, single mums and large families without any source of income. We know each of these beneficiaries by name, and the parcels will be delivered to their doorsteps. The economical effects of COVID will be long-lasting, you can still make a difference by helping us today.  Contact us :-)

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